Privacy Policy

To give the best possible service to customers and supporters of Paramedic Pete, personal information is collected from our website and processed via Cookies, subscription to our newsletters and order processing.


Please find in the left hand corner of the website, the Cookie statement and Cookie settings. Some cookies are essential to the running of the website and others can be switched off at your convenience.


We never use the personal information collected from orders and transactions to canvass for business nor do we sell on or distribute customer details. We believe customers should have the choice to subscribe to receiving e-mailed newsletters and not be hounded by sales media.

Order Processing

We use software from third parties to host, process, and store data including personal details. Please find below the organisations involved in managing Paramedic Pete’s website, e-commerce and also hosting.

Easify Ltd, PO Box 1392, Cambridge CB1 0NH,

Manages hosting and security of the storage of Paramedic Pete’s website, order processing and accounting data.

The Apprentice Store, Castle House, Fairways Business Park, Inverness IV2 6AA,

Developer and support of Paramedic Pete’s website.

Both organisation’s privacy statements can be found via their website.

Your rights

We store only essential personal details of customers in relation to order processing and accounts. Accounts will be required to be held for tax purposes for periods prescribed by Inland Revenue. Customers may unsubscribe to our newsletter at any time by e-mailing